CMMC Practice SA.3.169

Receive and respond to cyber threat intelligence from information sharing forums and sources and communicate to stakeholders.


CMMC Version 1.02, pg. 240

Bold Coast Security Guidance

For Level 3 compliance, the organization must have a Threat Intelligence program in place that includes information sharing participation. The best way to participate in information sharing is two-fold: First, join the appropriate Information Sharing and Analysis Center ( Second, form a local information sharing group from your region by reaching out to similar organizations and deciding what threat intelligence you're willing to share to help protect the greater community. You'll have to decide what to share, what not to share, and how to securely share the information. Knowing what is happening in your regional industry "neighborhood" can provide critical information about vulnerabilities that apply to your organization directly.

Discussion From Source

CMMC Establish relationships with external organizations to gather cyber threat intelligence information. Cyber threat information from external sources should inform situational awareness activities within the organization. Relevant external threat information is communicated to stakeholders within the organization for appropriate action if needed.