CMMC Practice SI.3.219

Implement email forgery protections.


CMMC Version 1.02, pg. 289

Bold Coast Security Guidance

Your organization must decide which measure defined by the CMMC you are going to implement. When considering different protections, take into account organizations which send email on behalf of your organization, such as payroll servicing companies and marketing groups. Be very careful when setting these up, as an incorrect setting can block your email! Once you have identified the proper protection, SPF, DKIM, or DMARC, identify it in your email policy, along with how they are configured in your plan. Send test messages throughout the year to evaluate the effectiveness of your settings.

Discussion From Source

CMMC Protecting your environment from harmful emails is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of viruses and malware from entering your network. Email attacks are one of the primary attack vectors in use by threat actors today because of their simplicity and effectiveness for circumventing an organization’s perimeter defenses. Implementing advanced email protections can help mitigate these email-based threats from penetrating an organization’s defenses and landing in the inbox of organizational end users.